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If we don't address your question in this list of FAQs, please contact us at (252) 441-7035. We're always happy to help!

How do we make a reservation?
You have two easy options for making a reservation: 1) browse and book online, or 2) speak with a local Vacation Specialist by calling (252) 441-7035.

What do I need to bring?
Please see our helpful Vacation Packing Checklist for a complete list of items you should pack for your Outer Banks vacation. Our Guest Hospitality Starter Kit includes the basics to get you started, including: Dishwasher detergent pod, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, hand soap (1 per bathroom), sponge, trash can liner, paper towels (1 per kitchen or kitchenette), toilet paper (1 roll per bathroom), dishtowels, and potholders. See our Convenient Services page for more information.

When is my payment due?
For current year reservations, initial payment is due at the time of booking. You may pay by E-check or credit/debit cards. Please know that once your reservation is made, a lease will be emailed to you within 24 hours of reserving for you to sign and also return to us.

When is the remaining balance due on my reservation?
The balance is due 45 days before your arrival date. If adding travel insurance (we highly recommend!), that will need to be done prior to making your final payment.

What can I expect at check-in?
Check-in time begins AFTER 4:00 pm on your arrival day. Check-ins will continue until all homes are ready for occupancy. In order to prepare the property for your use, we ask that you do not request early occupancy. Door codes for keyless properties and keys for all other properties will be released AFTER 4:00 pm. For keyless properties, simply wait for the text message that your beach house has been released for check-in, enter the code provided, and head on in. For properties with keys, we will provide 2 sets of keys and directions to your vacation home. We ask that you wait for text confirmation that your property is ready for occupancy prior to sending anyone in your group to your rental home. Parking vehicles in the driveway of the unit could delay your check-in time by interfering with our cleaners' and inspectors' work. We do offer a limited number of  Priority Check-Ins at an additional cost, checking in by 1:00 pm, which must be requested and approved in advance. Please contact your check-in office to arrange for a Priority Check-In.

What happens if we arrive late?
We can make arrangements for an after-hours check-in if you expect to arrive after 5:30 pm, but only if your reservation is paid in full and the lease agreement is signed. Arrangements for late arrival can be made by calling your check-in office. NO ONE WILL BE AVAILABLE AFTER-HOURS TO RELEASE KEYS if prior arrangements are not made.

Why should we purchase Travel Insurance?
Affordable Red Sky Travel Insurance protects your Outer Banks vacation investment from unexpected medical emergencies, severe weather and job loss. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of this reasonably priced Travel Insurance coverage.

Where is the Beach Road and the Bypass? They aren't on the map!
For folks who aren't familiar with the Outer Banks, this is very confusing! The Bypass is Croatan Highway/Route 158 and the Beach Road is Virginia Dare Trail/Route 12.

What are these flying bugs that seem to be swarming our vacation home?

These (harmless, but admittedly annoying) flying pests are called midges. Midges are small flying insects that resemble mosquitoes, however, they do not bite. Their life span is about 24 hours. They sometimes emerge in large numbers near channels, creeks, and large bodies of water such as the sound. Swarms can be dense enough to interfere with outdoor activities. Midges tend to gather in very large, dense masses on the sides of homes, decks, vegetation and carports, and they are highly attracted to light. Extermination/pest control of midges is ineffective because of their breeding habitat and habits as adults. To reduce the presence of midges at your vacation home, turn exterior lights off and close window shades at night.

Pest Prevention

  • Turn off any unnecessary exterior lights at night, as these will attract large numbers of flying insects. Pool, deck, porch, and driveway lights (among others) are the most common areas where these pest may congregate.
  • Closing window shades at night can also reduce any attraction from interior light.
  • Be sure slider doors, entryways, and windows are closed.
  • Secure food items away in sealed containers, coolers, or fridges.
  • Remove trash regularly.