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Sun Realty Privacy Policy

Last updated: September 4th, 2018

Your data is your data.  We don’t share your information unless it is because we ask you directly, or because it is required for Sun to fulfill its part of a business transaction with you.  Like most companies, we use a small family of vendors to put it all together so that you have a seamless, enjoyable engagement with Sun Realty.

Your Information, Your Rights - The General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) was just put into law in Europe.  People affected by the GDPR have specific rights with regards to their personal data.  Accordingly, Sun Realty will comply with GDPR except as limited by applicable law.

Right to Information and Access – This is your right to request a copy of any personal information we may have about you and your right to obtain information about how we handle, secure, and store your personal information.

Right to Correction - This is your right to have us modify any personal information we may have about you.

Right to be Forgotten – This is your right, subject to certain limitations under applicable law, to ask us to delete any personal information we may have about you.  If we remove your personal information, we may be unable to complete specific business transactions with you, and there may be specific Federal, State, and local laws that may affect our data retention schedule and period.

Right to Portability – This is your right to ask us to send a copy of your personal information to another entity.

Right to Withdraw Consent – This is your right to revoke previously given consent with regards to processing your personal information.

Right to Object – This is your right to object, in certain situations, to how or why your personal information is processed.

Right to Complain – This is your right to lodge a complaint with appropriate supervisory authority.

Right to not be subject to Automated Decision-Making - This is your right to object to any decision that could have a significant effect on you, and that is being made solely via automated processes.  This right is limited, however, if an automated decision is required to fulfill the performance of a contract with you, then it is allowed under both EU and U.S. laws.

Changes and Requests - If you have questions or wish to exercise any of these rights, just email us at

Location of Data - Our websites are operated in the United States. Please be advised that by using any of our sites, engaging us in business, or providing your personal information, you give consent to store your data in the United States.

Law Enforcement - We won’t turn over your data to any law enforcement agency unless a court order says otherwise.

Security and Encryption - All data is sent over HTTPS between your browser and our servers, these communications are encrypted using SSL/TLS.  Except for IP addresses, we never keep your personal data on our web servers.

Cookies - Sun Realty does use cookies to track your visits across our websites.  We use this information to understand better how you use our sites, and then to make improvements based on that information.  You can find out more about cookies on our Cookie Policy page here.

Changes - Sun Realty may update this policy occasionally - we’ll notify you by emailing you at the address we may have on file with us, if you have one, or by placing a prominent notice on our websites.